Samuel Ojosnegros, PhD

I am the head of the Open Innovation Laboratory at IBEC (the Bioengineering Institute of Catalonia). Research in my lab addresses the process of implantation of human and mouse embryos and the rich cell-to-cell communication taking place during this event. This crucial process for human development and reproduction is still elusive to experimentation because of its inaccessibility. To overcome this problem, we have combined advanced imaging with bioengineering methods to develop proprietary technology to efficiently culture and image embryos, and allow them to implant ex vivo in highly physiological conditions. I hold several patents and have incorporated two biotech companies, IVFTechnology which develops plasma-derived proteins for the IVF embryo industry and an IBEC Spin Off which is developing a new technology to help embryo and oocyte selection using hyperspectral imaging. I did my Phd at CSIC-Severo Ochoa in Madrid and two postdocs at ETH Zürich and Caltech before returning to Barcelona.