Danilo Cimadomo, MSc, PhD

Danilo Cimadomo, MSc, PhD is the Science and Research manager of GeneraLife IVF. He is a molecular embryologist, and his research is mainly focused on embryo selection. He has authored over 100 papers. He is a member of the Executive Committee of SIERR with the role of Coordinator of the Scientific Committee, he is Basic Science officer of the ESHRE SIG Implantation and Early Pregnancy, and Associate Editor of Human Reproduction Update. He was a member of the ESHRE working group that updated the good practice recommendations for embryo biopsy, and currently is a member of the group that is drafting the good practice recommendations for RIF definition and clinical management. He coordinates the Master in “Biology and Biotechnology of Reproduction: from Research to Clinics” at the University of Pavia together with Professor Maurizio Zuccotti.